Edwin Robotics Bluetooth Module HC-06


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Bluetooth Module - HC06

25.00 AED

Its a brand new HC-06 Bluetooth module with latest updated firmware and hardware, the board comes with 300mA 3.3V voltage Regulator and level shifting circuits for a 5v tolerant communication between Arduino and bluetooth module. The board is reverse current protected, thus preventing the board from getting damaged, the board comes with programmable LED, which can be turned off with simple serial interface and AT Command, refer our hookup guide in the document section for clear idea on this. 

Download AT_Command_Interface_Arduino_Code, to use various supported AT Commands with this module. Jumpers are also provided on board to bypass the voltage regulator supply and turn off the power LED to save power for battery operated applications.

  • Model No: HC-06
  • Mode: Slave
  • Operating Voltage: 3v3 ~ 5V
  • Communication Mode: Serial
  • Bluetooth version: v2.0 + EDR
  • Firmware: hc01.comV2.0 (It does not use Linvor firmware)
  • Default baud rate: 9600
  • Default PIN: 1234
  • Default Name: HC-06
  • Status LED: Blue (Top Left)
  • Power LED: Red (Bottom Right)

Download AT_Command_Interface_Arduino_Code


26AWG, 20 CM Female to Female Jumper wire

5.00 AED

26AWG, 20 CM Male to Female Jumper wire

5.00 AED

This is similar to the UNO, differing mainly by the fact that it is capable of acting like a HID device (i.e. like a keyboard or mouse)

120.00 AED

The Raspberry Pi 3 is the third generation of the Raspberry Pi .

190.00 AED

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