Raspberry Pi Zero WH


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The Raspberry Pi Zero WH with Wireless LAN and Bluetooth is here, its ideal to build projects around IoT, its comes with the 40 Pin GPIO soldered.It comes with a 1GHz BCM2835 single-core processor, the same as the B+ and A+, included with 512MB RAM.

Its setup is little more complicated than other Pis. Because of its small size, connectors on the Pi Zero are not standard. You need a Mini HDMI to HDMI adapter or cable to connect to your monitor and You also need a USB OTG cable to connect a USB device, as well as a unique CSI camera cable. Apart from all this, you need a microSD card with an operating system and a high-quality 5V power supply to power your board.

Note: You can download the Raspberry pi NOOBS image here.


  • 802.11 b/g/n wireless LAN
  • Bluetooth® 4.1
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • 1GHz, single-core CPU
  • 512MB RAM
  • Mini HDMI and USB On-The-Go ports
  • Micro USB power
  • HAT-compatible 40-pin header pins
  • Composite video and reset headers
  • CSI camera connector


Product Dimensions: 66.0mm x 30.5mm x 5.0mm / 2.6" x 1.2" x 0.2"
Product Weight: 9.3g / 0.3oz

Image and Content from Sparkfun

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