Serial (I2C) 16x2 LCD
Serial (I2C) 16x2 LCD
Serial (I2C) 16x2 LCD
Serial (I2C) 16x2 LCD
Serial (I2C) 16x2 LCD
Serial (I2C) 16x2 LCD
Serial (I2C) 16x2 LCD
Serial (I2C) 16x2 LCD

i2c controlled 16x2 LCD - 5V

IIC / I2C Addressable LCD Display
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This 16 character by 2 line display has a very clear and high contrast black text upon a green background/backlight. It also includes a serial I2C/IIC adaptor board pre-soldered to the back of the LCD. This means it can be controlled with just 2 I2C serial data pins (SDA & SCL) and so requires far less digital IO pins when controlled from a microcontroller. In total the module only requires 4 wires including 5V power and GND. Contrast adjustment and backlight disable jumper is also provided by the daughter board via a potentiometer.

These modules are currently supplied with a default I2C address of 0x3F and address is configurable via onboard jumper pads. The module has a contrast adjustment pot on the underside of the display. This may require adjusting for the screen to display text correctly.

Note: If pressure is applied to the I2C daughter board it is possible for it to bend and come contact with the LCD module. Please ensure when the LCD is installed in your application that no external object is applying pressure to the back of the module.


Display - 16 characters per row, 2 rows

Voltage - 5v
Current - 80mA typ. with backlight on
Modes - I2C (Addressible)
Custom characters - up to 8 custom characters easily defined
Backlight - Jumper/software control


16 x 2 LCD Address Map

Download I2C Module Schematics
Download Datasheet
Download Library
Bitbucket Resources

Sample test Code:

#include "Wire.h" // For I2C
#include "LCD.h" // For LCD
#include "LiquidCrystal_I2C.h" // Added library*
//Set the pins on the I2C chip used for LCD connections
LiquidCrystal_I2C lcd(0x3F,2,1,0,4,5,6,7); // 0x27 is the default I2C bus address of the backpack-see article
void setup()
// Set off LCD module
lcd.begin (16,2); // 16 x 2 LCD module
lcd.setBacklightPin(3,POSITIVE); // BL, BL_POL
void loop()
lcd.home (); // Set cursor to 0,0
lcd.print("Edwin Robotics"); // Custom text
lcd.setCursor (0,1); // Go to home of 2nd line
delay(1000); // Blinks of backlight
lcd.setBacklight(LOW); // Backlight off
lcd.setBacklight(HIGH); // Backlight on

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