Transistor - PN2222A NPN

Transistor - P2N2222A (NPN) (Pack of 5 )

TO-92 NPN Transistors 600mA, High Voltage
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This is the P2N2222A, an NPN silicon BJT (Bipolar Junction Transistor). This little transistor can help in your project by being used to help drive large loads or amplifying or switching applications. The P2N2222A is specifically rated at 40V and 600mA max.

  • Switching and Amplifier
  • High Voltage: P2N2222A, VCEO=40V
  • Emitter-Base Voltage, VEBO = 6V
  • Collector-Base Voltage, VCBO = 75V
  • Collector Current (DC), IC: 600mA


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