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Suitable to use with through Hole DIP Package 16-Pin IC

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8-Bit Shift Registers

8.00 AED 15.00 AED

NEC Encoded Infrared Remote Control and IR Receiver Breakout Board

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Hurry!!! Grab the limited time offer.....Colored Headers (not soldered) are included with this breakout. 

18.00 AED 25.00 AED

28BYJ-48 , 5V Reduction Stepper Motor Check this compatible  Motor Driver board  with connector for this motor

25.00 AED 35.00 AED

ROB-09457 TB6612FNG Motor Driver Breakout board to control up to two DC motors at a constant current of 1.2A (3.2A peak)

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Camera cable to connect official Raspberry Pi camera with Raspberry Pi zero v1.3

35.00 AED 40.00 AED

SMD Module with an Embedded ESP8266EX for testing and development

40.00 AED 48.00 AED

DIP Adapter Module with an Embedded ESP8266EX for testing and development, Suitable for Breadboarding. 

50.00 AED 60.00 AED

Enclosed AC DC Converter 1 Output 5V 400mA 85 ~ 305 VAC Input Part Number: IRM-02-5

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70.00 AED 79.00 AED

The world's smallest Linux Server with built in Wi-Fi and Made for IoT

75.00 AED 89.00 AED

Run 5V Projects from 1.8v/3v/3.7v batteries

80.00 AED 95.00 AED

5V,10A Power Adapter with DC Jack-Male and standard 3-pin kettle connector

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