DIY Minecraft Torch Kit


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DIY Minecraft Torch Kit 

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Tighten your seat belts and get ready to get lost in the world of Minecraft. Are you a Minecraft enthusiast? Then this is the right kit for you.

The kit consists of everything that you require to build the Torch from Minecraft, the tilt switch included in the kit will turn ON the LED when the torch is held upright and turns OFF when placed flat on the side. Ideal for children above 7 years old.

Parts Included:

1. 350 GSM Torch cutout with wiring instructions
2. Tilt Sensor
3. High Power Wired White LED

4. CR2032 Coin Cell Battery
5. Copper Tape: 50cm


Torch Cutout

Assembly Instructions

Assemble your own glowing Minecraft torch

Note: Tape is required to hold the LED in place

This is not an official Minecraft product

Tilt Switch Angle sensor for Raspberry Pi and Arduino.

1.05 AED

Conductive copper tape for building sticky circuits and turn any surface into capacitive touch input

60.00 AED

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