Sensor Kit for Raspberry Pi



Comes with 3.3v Compatible sensors to use with Raspberry Pi

104.25 AED

99.29 AED AED tax excl.

-6.00 AED

110.25 AED

The Raspberry Pi Sensor Kit comes with wide range of sensors to get started with multiple levels of electronics projects. This kit comes with various accessories and sensors you need to integrate and will provide a platform to write scripts and codes you are willing to learn and design in Raspberry pi. The Raspberry Pi 3 Sensor Kit is a great way to gain a solid introduction to Sensor interfacing.

This kit will not require any soldering and is recommended for anyone with a drive to learn more about the Raspberry Pi and its programming. So if you are looking for a new challenge or a way to get in on the RPi craze, tryout this Raspberry Pi sensors Addon Kit

Kit Includes:

Note: HC-SR04 must be powered with 5v lines and Data lines must be used with voltage divider circuit to bring down the voltage level to 3.3v, we had already included required resistors for voltage divider circuit.Refer the tutorial below:

Note: Use R1 as 5.6K and R2 as 10K in the voltage divider circuit

HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor Tutorial

    NEC Encoded Infrared Remote Control and IR Receiver Breakout Board

    1.75 AED 8.75 AED

    MCP3208 12-bit Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC), SMD 16pin- SOIC

    18.90 AED

    Pack content

    1 x
    15.00 AED

    Sonar/Distance/Range Finder

    1 x
    8.50 AED

    Line Sensor Module

    1 x
    8.40 AED

    Digital Light Sensor with Sensitivity adjustment potentiometer

    1 x
    8.50 AED

    Soil Moisture Sensor with Analog and Digital out for 3.3v and 5v Systems

    1 x
    20.00 AED

    Low-cost digital temperature and humidity sensor Breakout

    1 x
    8.50 AED

    SS49E ( 49E ) Linear Hall Effect Sensor Module 

    1 x
    10.00 AED

    High sensitive passive infrared(PIR) motion sensor with stable digital output

    1 x
    2.63 AED

    Touch detection module with toggle and ON/OFF Mode

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