Raspberry Pi Zero Budget Pack - Includes Pi Zero v1.3


This Product is retired, no longer available for order !!!

This Pi Zero Budget Pack comes with everything to get started and build some cool applications using it.

Kit Contents:
  • Raspberry Pi Zero v1.3
  • Mini HDMI to HDMI Adapter - You can connect you standard HDMI cable to this, to get 1080P HDMI video + audio out.
  • USB OTG Cable - Using this you can connect normal USB devices such as WiFi module, USB hub, keyboard, mouse, etc.
  • 8GB Class 10 SD Card - You need to write the Raspbian Image for the Pi.
  • 5V Power Supply
  • 2x20 Male header strip - You need to Solder this, if you need to access the GPIO Pins via jumper wires or Raspberry Pi GPIO Breakout Board - 40 Pin

Content and Image from Adafruit

PCB Solderable Male Header 40 Pins, 1 Row

1.58 AED

40 x 1 Male Header: 90 Degree 

1.58 AED

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