Edwin Robotics Raspberry Pi 4 - 2 GB Starter Kit


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The Raspberry Pi 4 is a powerful piece of hardware offering a significant bump in performance over its predecessor. We have put together a starter kit which includes a compatible USB-C power supply and a microHDMI to HDMI adapter to let you get started with the Raspberry Pi right away.

The kit contains:

* Raspberry Pi 4 - 2GB
* Raspberry Pi 4 Case
* 32GB Class 10 microSD card with Raspbian pre-installed
* 1.8M microHDMI to HDMI cable
* 5.1V 3A USB-C Power Adapter

Note: As of 1st Nov 2019, the microHDMI to HDMI adapter has been replaced with 1.8M microHDMI to HDMI cable.

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