14 pin DIP IC Socket


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Suitable to use with through Hole DIP Package 14-Pin IC

1.50 AED

1.43 AED AED tax excl.

These IC sockets are perfect to use with any 14 Pin dual in line packaged IC. These bases will give you the option to not solder the IC's to the proto board or PCB's directly. You can solder these bases to the PCB/ Protoboard directly, which will reduces the chances of damage caused to the IC due to excess heat on the pin while soldering and it gives you the flexibility to plug out and plug in the IC to the board n number of times.

IC Base: 14 PIN
Material: Plastic
Color: Balck

Low Power, four Channel Op-Amp

2.75 AED

Double Side Copper prototype pcb Universal Board/Universal Plate / Green Oil Plate / Test Plate  for Arduino and Raspberry Pi

10.00 AED

SparkFun Arduino ProtoShield Kit

45.00 AED

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