Standard LCD 20x4 - Black on Yellow Green


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Comes with Solderable Header

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This Standard 20x4 LCD is useful for creating standalone projects. Following things are included in this display:

  • 20 characters wide, 4 rows
  • Black text on Yellow Green background
  • Connection port is 0.1" pitch, single row for easy breadboarding and wiring
  • Single LED backlight with a resistor included, you can power it directly from 5V. If it's too bright for you, it can be dimmed easily with a resistor or PWM and uses much less power than LCD with EL (electroluminescent) backlights
  • Can be fully controlled with only 6 digital lines!
  • Built in character set supports English/Japanese text
  • Up to 8 extra characters can be created for custom glyphs or 'foreign' language support (like special accents)
  • Comes with Strip of header
  • Display construction: 20 Characters * 4 Lines
  • Display mode: STN
  • Display type: Positive Transmissive
  • Backlight: LED/5.0V
  • Viewing direction: 6 o’clock
  • Operating temperature: -20 to 70℃
  • Storage temperature: -30 to 80℃
  • Controller: SPLC780D / HD44780U
  • Driving voltage: Single power
  • Driving method: 1/16 duty, 1/5 bias
  • Type: COB (Chip On Board)
  • Number of data line: 4/8-bit parallel
  • Connector: PIN


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