E-202 Constant Current Diode, 2.3V max, 2-Pin


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Current Regulating Diodes (CRD) 

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CRD is a diode which supplies constant RD current to an electronic circuit, even when power supply voltage fluctuations or load impedance fluctuations occur. CRD is used for current stabilization and current limiting.Constant Current Diode (also called current limiting diode, diode-connected transistor, or current-regulating diode) consists of a JFET with the gate shorted to the source. It functions like a two-terminal current limiter or current source (analogue to voltage limiting Zener diode). They allow a current through them to rise to a certain value, and then level off at a specific value.

Maximum Peak Operating Voltage100V
Minimum Dynamic Impedance0.25MΩ
Maximum Limiting Voltage2.3V
Mounting TypeThrough Hole
Pin Count2
Dimensions3.9 x 1.8 x 1.8mm
Maximum Operating Temperature+150 °C
Minimum Operating Temperature-30 °C

  • Current regulators/ limiters
  • Biasing elements
  • For use in linear ramp generators
  • Staircase generators

Mounting: Through Hole