“The lack of programmable hardware for children , the sort of hardware we used to have in the 1980s, is undermining the supply of 18 year olds who know how to program, so that’s a problem for universities and then it is undermining the supply of 21 year olds who know how to program and that’s causing problems for industry”Eben Upton – Co-founder of Raspberry Pi Foundation (2012)

The linkage of Education with Innovation is the fundamental building block of Edwin Robotics. We want to be known for being Educators and Innovators. Technology baptizes us compelling us to be pure users of technology, rarely pushing us to probe its mechanics. Simplifying the mechanics of technology and arousing curiosity is part of our education process. We aim to introduce a variety of project based tutorials to facilitate this process to ensure a fun filled learning experience.

The basic building blocks of these courses are: Understanding Electronics, Programming and Interfacing. This skill set, once mastered lays the foundation for independent learning in the future. Our Tutorials are designed to enable this continuous learning process that attracts Novices and Tech Enthusiasts.

Innovate or perish is a modern day mantra and we as a company will keep evolving in our quest to realize our dreams. Innovation is not just restricted to the evolution of the company, but also in bringing out new products and services. We have just introduced EDCONNECT, a connectivity facilitation board for all enthusiasts and moving in this direction will see more products being introduced.