JST XH 2-Pin Connector set


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High Current 3A, 250v AC/DC, 2.5mm spacing, 2-Pin Connector plug with Wires Cables 100MM

3.15 AED

3.00 AED AED tax excl.

This is a 2-pin, through-hole XH series JST male connector and wired female connector. The pins are spaced by 2.5mm.

We really like the solid locking feeling and high current rating on these small connectors. This connector can be used with motors or use it for power connections. Male and Female Connector comes as a set in the same pack. 26AWG Wire is used with female part of the connector, the whole length of the connector with wire comes as 100mm. The Male connector is PCB soldered.


SparkFun Arduino ProtoShield Kit

40.95 AED

Single Side Copper prototype pcb Universal Board/Universal Plate / Green Oil Plate / Test Plate  for Arduino and Raspberry Pi

15.75 AED

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