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The Blinker module turns a direct current input into a square wave output, allowing you to make LEDs blink and Buzzers beep. It has a green LED flashing in time with the output and a red LED to indicate if power is connected the wrong way. You can change the blinking rate by turning the wheel!

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The blinker module uses a 555 timer, capacitor and a 500kOhm potentiometer, among other components, to output a square wave. The charging and discharging of the capacitor is what creates the oscillation of the current. A larger input current creates a higher frequency of the output wave, as it causes the capacitor in the module to charge and discharge faster. Since the capacitor on the module cannot be traded out, the input current is the only way to alter the frequency of the outputted square wave. The input current can be adjusted in two ways: changing the input voltage and changing the resistance. The input voltage can be altered by adding or taking away voltage sources. The resistance can be changed by adding resistors in series with the blinker or by turning the dial on the blinker to adjust the potentiometer. 

Contents and Images credit: Circuit Scribe Website

The NPN Transistor acts as a switch or amplifier. With no current at the base, there will be no current flow from collector to emitter. However, a small amount of current to the base will allow a large current to flow through the collector and emitter.

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The Buzzer module plays a 4kHz tone. The volume of the buzzer can be adjusted by changing the the amount of power running through it. The plus and minus signs indicate the direction in which it operates.

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