5V Buzzer / Mini Speaker - PC Mount


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Piezo Low Current 5V Buzzer TMB12A05 (passive) - Breadboard Friendly!

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This is a small 12mm round speaker that operates around the audible range. You can use these speakers to create simple music or user interfaces. Inside is a piezo plus the driver circuitry that makes it oscillate at 2KHz. On one hand, that makes it really great for integrating into projects because you don't need an oscillating control signal.


Sound Pressure Level: >85db

Resonant Frequency: 4,000± 300Hz 

Rated Voltage: 5V

Operating Voltage: 4V~7V

Rated Current: <30mA

Operating Temperature Range: -20°C to +60 °C

Storage Temperature Range: -30°C to +85 °C

Dimensions (not including pins): 12mm diameter, 9.7mm tall

Pins: 6mm long and 0.3" apart


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The Buzzer module plays a 4kHz tone. The volume of the buzzer can be adjusted by changing the the amount of power running through it. The plus and minus signs indicate the direction in which it operates.

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TO-92 NPN Transistors 100mA, High Voltage, 3.3-5v Compatible

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