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N Channel/P Channel MOSFET Breakout board compatible for heavy duty applications and products (To be used with Arduino and Raspberry Pi)

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Looking to add Switch/circuit protection to your project ? or you battery powered applications drains battery too fast, then this board will come handy to provide more effective solution for you, this is a breakout board designed by us, for N Channel and P channel MOSFET, the board is designed to use two different types of MOSFET at same time. The board comes with standard layout for MOSFET and you are able to connect high power circuits via screw terminals to this board, the board comes with 5mm Screw terminal slot and jumper headers to control Gate pin via microcontrollers.

The board is compatible to use with any voltage levels that your MOSFET supports thus giving you a perfect option to interface Arduino and Raspberry pi with inductive loads like motors, pump, etc. You can use any MOSFET on this board, refer the pin diagram from MOSFET datasheet before soldering the MOSFET to the board, to avoid any confusion. The board comes with slot to add Heatsink for High Power Applications. Depending on the heatsink type and size, it might consumes the space of the second MOSFET, thus limiting the option to one MOSFET per breakout board, refer our Hookup guide in the document section for better idea on circuit connections, assembly and heatsink installation.

The board is designed to use with T0-220 through hole Package MOSFET, which is easily available in the market. We had provided pads for through hole components, which either you already have it in stock or you can get it easily in the local Market. The board can be used with Transistors as well, but care must be taken in doing so, we will not recommend this, but you can try at on your own risk.

Note: The Headers, Screw terminals, HeatSink and MOSFET are not included with this breakout PCB.

Files and documents:

26AWG, 20 CM Male to Male Jumper wire

5.00 AED

26AWG, 20 CM Female to Female Jumper wire

5.00 AED

26AWG, 20 CM Male to Female Jumper wire

5.00 AED

PCB Solderable Male Header 40 Pins, 1 Row

1.75 AED

PCB Solderable Female Header 40 Pins, 1 Row

1.50 AED

40 x 1 Male Header: 90 Degree 

1.50 AED

Multiwatt packages Supported PRT-09576

26.25 AED

5A NPN Power Darlington Transistors

2.00 AED

TO-220 Bipolar Transistors - BJT 6A 100V 65W NPN 

1.75 AED

N-Channel Mosfet Transistor

4.50 AED

Set of commonly used 1/4 Watt resistor

25.00 AED

TO-220 Bipolar Transistors - BJT 6A 100V 65W PNP

1.50 AED

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