SMD Multiple Package Breakout Board-2


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SMD Components Breakout Boaard

10.50 AED

10.00 AED AED tax excl.

This board allows you to access the Pins of SMD components through header pins. These boards are easy to plug to breadboard or you are able to connect jumper wires to header pins to connect it with other circuit.

This board Supports following SMD Packages:

1. TO-263-5

2. SOT-223

3. SOT-23-3

4. SOP-8

5. SOT-963

6. SOT-23-6



9. All SMD Resistors

10. All SMD Ceramic and Tantalum Capacitors

11. All SMD Electrolytic Capacitors

12. HC-05 Blutooth

PCB Solderable Male Header 40 Pins, 1 Row

1.75 AED

PCB Solderable Female Header 40 Pins, 1 Row

1.50 AED

40 x 1 Male Header: 90 Degree 

1.50 AED

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