Introduction to Arduino Level-1 - FREE!


Introduction to Arduino for Non Programmers

Note: 100 AED Security Deposit Required

Heard about Arduino? Want to learn how to start? This is the workshop for you.

In Level 1 Introduction to Arduino, we will be focusing on getting started with the arduino using the Edwin Robotics Arduino starter kit.

Please note that we will be using Ardublockly a visual programming language to program the arduino, this means that you will neednt have a background in programming to get started, yay!!

During this course we will be covering:

    *  Basics of Robotics (brushing up on digital and analog signals, different types of sensors, input and output devices)
    *  Programming on the Arduino using ardublockly
    *  Interfacing of digital devices
    *  Interfacing of analog sensors
    *  PWM signals ( used to control the speeds of motors and brightness of LEDs)
    *  Building an automated lighting system
    *  Use serial communication to transmit data
    *  Interfacing IR remote for wireless  control


* ALL students must come Arduino and ardublockly pre-installed. Please refer to our pre-requisites guide  for help on how to do it.
* A security deposit of AED 100 is to be paid before hand, this is to prevent misuse of the free workshop in terms of registration and hardware supplied.
* The workshop is limited to a maximum of 10 batches and each batch will consist of 3 students. Students who want to sit individually are welcome to purchase a kit before the workshop ( kits ordered upto one day before the workshop can be picked up on the day of the workshop)


OriginBase Maker space - Location

For Registration:

Contact: Emil at +971-50-9399365

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