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5A NPN Power Darlington Transistors

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TO-220 Bipolar Transistors - BJT 6A 100V 65W NPN 

4.20 AED

N-Channel Mosfet Transistor

1.50 AED

TO-220 Bipolar Transistors - BJT 6A 100V 65W PNP

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TO-92 NPN Transistors 100mA, High Voltage, 3.3-5v Compatible

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TO-92 PNP Transistors -100mA

2.50 AED

TO-92 NPN Transistors 600mA, High Voltage

7.50 AED

N-Channel 30V 140A (Tc) 200W (Tc) Through Hole TO-220AB

4.20 AED

N-Channel 20V 1.9A (Ta) 625mW (Ta) Surface Mount SOT-23-3

4.50 AED

MOSFET P-CH 200V 11A TO-220AB Manufacturer Part Number: IRF9640

3.50 AED

N-Channel Mosfet Transistor

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