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15.75 AED

Keyboard for Arduino and Raspberry Pi Projects

15.75 AED

Sonar/Distance/Range Finder

21.00 AED

Low-cost digital temperature and humidity sensor Breakout

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35.70 AED

Arduino Compatible

8.40 AED

Tilt Switch Angle sensor Module for Raspberry Pi and Arduino.

8.40 AED

Digital Light Sensor with Sensitivity adjustment potentiometer

8.40 AED

Soil Moisture Sensor with Analog and Digital out for 3.3v and 5v Systems

162.75 AED

Sparkfun Part Number: SEN-10221

17.33 AED

Low-cost digital temperature and humidity sensor

15.00 AED

Wired Door/Window Magnetic Switch set - Normally open

2.63 AED

Touch detection module with toggle and ON/OFF Mode

8.40 AED

Spring based sensor for vibration and shock measurements.

4.20 AED

High resolution temperature readings

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