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13.25 AED

28/24AWG, 3 Feet Cable Id: 5437

14.00 AED

28/24AWG Cable with Ferrite Core, Gold Plated, 3 Feet Long Cable Id: 5457

14.25 AED

28/24AWG Cable with Ferrite Core and Gold Plated ID: 5447

42.50 AED

Connector for CAN BUS Shield

15.00 AED

1.5M Superspeed USB 3.0, Male to Male USB A Type

Ethernet Female to Ethernet MaleThis product is retired and no longer available for Order!!!

7.00 AED

USB B-Type Female to B-Type Male

7.00 AED

HDMI Female to HDMI Male

94.00 AED

Monoprice USB 3.0 to SATA Converter Adapter Id: 14597

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7.00 AED

USB A-Type Female to A-Type Male

HDMI Male to HDMI Male

60.00 AED

HDTV to VGA without Audio Adapter

6.00 AED

24AWG, 30v, 1.5 Meter Long Cable Note: The Product color may differ from what is shown in the image

35.00 AED 49.00 AED

Camera cable to connect official Raspberry Pi camera with Raspberry Pi zero v1.3

6.00 AED

Flat Ribbon Cable useful for Signal transmission, suitable for Raspberry Pi port expander

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