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Preassembled Breadboard friendly Raspberry Pi GPIO Breakout Board - 40 Pin

This Product is Retired!!! Check new version here

19.95 AED

This tiny breakout board for TI’s DRV8833 dual motor driver can deliver 1.2 A per channel continuously (2 A peak) to a pair of DC motors. With an operating voltage range from 2.7 V to 10.8 V and built-in protection against reverse-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, and over-temperature, this driver is a great solution for powering small, low-voltage...

26.25 AED

Looking to control lights and bulbs with microcontroller ? then, this digital AC switch boards is suitable for your application, this board is a great alternative for the solid state relay boards. This board comes pre-assembled with everything, all you need to do is to connect supply, load and digital interface pins

26.25 AED

Addressible 16-BIT I/O Expander  board with Serial Interface

42.40 AED 50.40 AED

DIP Adapter Module with an Embedded ESP8266EX for testing and development, Suitable for Breadboarding. 

8.40 AED

DIP Adapter PCB for ESP-WROOM-02 Module, This Adapter PCB is Suitable for Breadboarding. 

8.93 AED

Small, Compact, tiny and breadboard friendly  WS2812B RGB LED breakout board Single Piece.

10.50 AED

High Speed Switching N-channel Power MOSFET Breakout board compatible for heavy duty applications and products (To be used with Arduino and Raspberry Pi or any 12v appications)

6.83 AED

N Channel/P Channel MOSFET Breakout board compatible for heavy duty applications and products (To be used with Arduino and Raspberry Pi)

168.00 AED

SEN-13683 SHT15 humidity and temperature sensor breakout board

19.95 AED

BOB-00544 SPI Interface microSD Breakout

SEN-08883 Low current Sensor Breakout Not available for order anymore

35.70 AED

SEN-12040 High-side current monitor

SEN-09695 capacitive touch sensor controller This product is retired, no longer available for order!!!

15.75 AED

BOB-11733 Parallel to Serial Shift-In Breakout

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