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160.00 AED

SEN-13683 SHT15 humidity and temperature sensor breakout board

19.00 AED

BOB-00544 SPI Interface microSD Breakout

34.00 AED

SEN-12040 High-side current monitor

15.50 AED

SEN-09695 capacitive touch sensor controller

15.00 AED

BOB-11733 Parallel to Serial Shift-In Breakout

59.75 AED

ESP8266 WiFi SoC breakout and development board WRL-13231

55.00 AED

5V USB to serial Breakout Board DEV-09716

55.00 AED

3.3V USB to Serial Breakout Board DEV-09873

8.50 AED 13.50 AED

Hurry!!! Grab the limited time offer.....Colored Headers (not soldered) are included with this breakout. 

25.00 AED

Addressible 16-BIT I/O Expander  board with Serial Interface

20.00 AED

Suitable for Arduino and Raspberry Pi

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