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155.00 AED

official “night vision” camera board released by the Raspberry Pi Foundation,  "Raspberry Pi high definition (HD) NoIR Camera v2"

135.00 AED

The new raspberry pi camera V2 is a 8MP high quality camera designed specifically for the Raspberry Pi. This model works well with Raspberry Pi 1,2 and 3.

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Clear/Black Polycarbonate Flange Mount Electronic Enclosure PRODUCT ID: 3253

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Camera cable to connect official Raspberry Pi camera with Raspberry Pi zero v1.3

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Out of stock
25.00 AED

USB Gamepad / Controller ("SNES" Style)

25.00 AED

The Official Raspberry Pi zero protective case PRT-14273

230.00 AED

1024×600, 7 inch Capacitive Touch Screen LCD, HDMI interface, IPS, supports various systems

49.00 AED

GPIO Breakout Board for Raspberry Pi (To be used with Breadboard). Check this New Raspberry Pi GPIO Breakout Board -40 pin here

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