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Geared DC Motor. It comes with suitable plastic wheels

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Sparkfun part number: ROB-10846 Manufacturer part number: 42BYGHM809

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Sparkfun Part number: ROB-13656 Manufacturer Part Number: 57BYGH420-2

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Vibration Disc motor for haptic feedback project, perfect for Arduino / Raspberry Pi Projects.

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Home Automation CNC Stepper Motor Nema23 23HS9430 (57BYGH) 425oz-in 112mm 3A High Torque Low Noise/Vibration

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28BYJ-48 , 5V Reduction Stepper Motor Check this compatible  Motor Driver board  with connector for this motor

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Geared DC Motor 

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180 Degree Micro Servo Motor with 5 horns

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Continous Degree Micro Servo Motor with driver board for robotics application

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Adafruit Product ID: 1968

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