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15.00 AED

Sonar/Distance/Range Finder

1.31 AED

Actuator Height From PCB - 5mm We have 7mm tactile switch and 12mm tactile switch variant for this product.

PhotoCell This Product is Retired and no longer available for order

5.25 AED

Home Automation/ AC Appliance Controlling 

5.25 AED

High Power Wired LASER DIODE

8.40 AED

Digital Light Sensor with Sensitivity adjustment potentiometer

26.25 AED

Looking to control lights and bulbs with microcontroller ? then, this digital AC switch boards is suitable for your application, this board is a great alternative for the solid state relay boards. This board comes pre-assembled with everything, all you need to do is to connect supply, load and digital interface pins

21.00 AED

This large 7-segment display can be seen from a hundred feet away thus useful in many applications and projects

23.00 AED

Self reset Waterproof switch with built in colored LED.

Out of stock
10.50 AED

Reset Switch/ Push Button

Out of stock
8.40 AED

Reset Switch/ Push Button

Self reset push switch This product is retired

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