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15.00 AED

Sonar/Distance/Range Finder

Actuator Height From PCB - 5mm We have 7mm tactile switch and 12mm tactile switch variant for this product This product is no longer availble for order.

PhotoCell This Product is Retired and no longer available for order

5.00 AED

Home Automation/ AC Appliance Controlling 

A multi function interface board for use with the Arduino or the Raspberry PiThis product is retired, Still interested in this Product ? Contact our team to order this product.

8.00 AED

High Power Wired LASER DIODE

8.00 AED

Digital Light Sensor with Sensitivity adjustment potentiometer

25.00 AED

Looking to control lights and bulbs with microcontroller ? then, this digital AC switch boards is suitable for your application, this board is a great alternative for the solid state relay boards. This board comes pre-assembled with everything, all you need to do is to connect supply, load and digital interface pins

20.00 AED

This large 7-segment display can be seen from a hundred feet away thus useful in many applications and projects

22.00 AED

Self reset Waterproof switch

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Reset Switch/ Push Button

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8.00 AED

Reset Switch/ Push Button

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