Voltage Regulator

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12.00 AED

3A Step-Down Adjustable Voltage Regulator

2.00 AED

5V, 1.5Amps linear voltage regulator

4.00 AED

1.5A Adjustable Negative voltage Regulator

2.00 AED

Low Dropout Battery-powered Regulator

3.50 AED

1.5A StepUp/Step Down/Inverting Switching Regulator

75.00 AED 89.00 AED

Run 5V Projects from 1.8v/3v/3.7v batteries

8.00 AED

A 3.3V and 5V Breadboard Power Supply Module with series diode, polarity reversal protection. The module can take 6.5V to 12V input and can produce 3.3V and +5V.

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